1949 L5G used in Bristol City it became a training vehicle prior to preservation

L6B Coach with Beadle body. Built as a coach with a Portsmouth Aviation body and 6 cyl AVW engine for Wilts and Dorset. It was later rebodied.

LHS with ECW body.

New to Cardiff in 1976 it worked there until 1988. Restored to original livery

Built 1938

LL5G with ECW body work.

Built for Southern National with a Beadle body (as Bristol L) and after damage in an air raid fitted with a Mumford body in 1944. In 1955 the chassis was lengthened (LL Chassis) and fitted with ECW body

1961 MW5G, delivered to Gloucester Garage and withdrawn 1976.

1965 MW6G ECW body.

One of 7 delivered for Bristol Greyhound express services.

1966 MW coach. New to Western National for Royal Blue Services

1969 RESL 5

RELL 3   1967

RELL with Alexander body


1962 Western National

One of 38 built. Withdrawn 1962

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