Railmotor No.1

Railcar approaches Brimscombe

Railmotor 25 at Stroud

Brimscombe Bridge Halt, note the staggered platforms

Ham Mill halt was between Brimscombe and Stroud, at the end of Ham Mill Lane, and was originally opened as Ham Mill Crossing Halt before being renamed in July 1957.  Electric lighting was installed 1939 at an estimated cost of £108. Electric treadles and bells were provided either side of the crossing to warn passengers of trains approaching

Bowbridge Crossing Halt also had electric bells to warn pedestrians.

The railcar gets ready for a water top up at Stroud. During very wet weather the railcar would stop under the awning to allow passengers to alight and detrain, then proceed forward to the water tower.

A hand coloured postcard of Ebley Halt with railmotor. Note the wooden platforms.

Downfield Crossing Halt with a through diesel “flying banana”which ran the circular route to Cheltenham via the MSWJ and back via Kemble.

Cashes Green Halt was a very busy station on the line. It served a large local authority estate and young mums would take their prams onto the railcar.

Gloucester Central station, the destination of the railcars. Passengers would detrain at the main platform, then the railcar would shunt across into the far bay.

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