A 90 years celebration of Bristol Commercial Vehicles

With some Photographs from the Bristol Vintage Vehicles Display 17th May 1998
and Mid Hants Bus Rally 19th July 1998

Mostly Double Deckers










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Books for further reading
The People's Carriage by Appleby/Butcher/Gailey
Bristol Omnibus Co by Allen Macfarlane
The Bristol Story Pt1 by Alan Townsin
ECW 1946/65 by Doggett/Townsin

Thanks to Alan Macfarlane for the information and copy permission

Open top FLF (Lodekka) and K

Amphi theatre setting for the

Bristol 90 year celebration rally

REL and open top VR

1938 K6G GHT 154

  Lowbridge Bristol K

Bristol K breakdown at Fleetwood

Lodekka bus badge


New York tourist Lodekka

 Bristol VR

Another Lodekka (kerbside)

and on the streets of Berlin

The last Lodekka rusts away

Bristol L

Bristol K and L

More single deckers

Bristol Vintage2